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(1976, Kyiv)

     In her graphic paintings Victoria Andrievska has revealed herself as extraordinary creative personality. We can feel her anxious soul of artist in enthusiastic sound of colours, in refined rhythm of forms and lines, in unexpected personal emotional inspiration, in feeling of material which is transferred from just a physical condition to element and means of artistic embodiment of conception. Her works communicate with a spectator, as if they are speaking to him or her, asserting joy of life, of everythingh terrestrial, eternity of circulation in the nature.

     Victoria confidently handle with composition, colour, painting technique. She is keen on the Ukrainian baroque, Ukrainian parsuna, often uses line rhythmes. Her compositions are close to monumental ornamental art, but still remain in format of graphic sheet. Victoria Andrievska the same as Nikolai Ge, who, when he lived at farm Nadiya, at night jumped up his bed and with candle in his arm was running to his studio to his paintings, having no patience to wait till sunrise, can make work with her paintings all night long, warring to lose spirit and temper which compelled her to take paintbrush.  Author’s agitation can be felt even in strokes of the brush. Bright decorative effect of the colour, exactness of the lines suggests us the idea to transfer gouache paintings of Victoria Andrievska into stained - glass or tapestry.

     The artist has presented four series: "The State of Soul", "Fishes", "Cactuses”, "Flowers". In these works the author paid her attention more to form-rhythm, to colour-feeling. In these canvases solution of image opening is presented like art but at the same time each piece of work organically combines motifs and realities of nature, feeling it with warmth of human being. Works of Victoria Andrievska are totally original world outlook and form creation. Victoria Andrievska does not go into ideal concepts, to theoretical social constructions. Her sphere is - "a la fantazi" based on nature and human creations, which are worthy to become decoration of modern interior with it elegant design. Therefore colour, lines and forms are so attractive, therefore we want to compare her works with light music, which in its essence to the first instance effects feeling, subconsciousness and only faintly touches mind. But what is the most important that Victoria Andrievska with both her feet stands on earth and does not loose touch with realities of the life.

     The singularity of Victoria Andrievska creative work lies in weighted genuineness. In her works she reflects the universe of her soul. In her art she is universal, free, differs from any modern painters. Her works are full with music, her secret world of women’s heads (from the series "The State of Soul" slightly resemble Modigliany and at the same time this series is made by the artist of the other school, our, Ukrainian, built on the traditions of the Ukrainian art and introduce it to the world art. She finds the solution of each topic realization in means inherent only to her. From the very first works she is entering modern Ukrainian pictorial art, the sphere of conscious and subconscious.

 Y. Belichko, Candidate of Art Criticism Science, Professor,
Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine.


Andrievska Victoria

 (14. VI. 1976, Kyiv) – art critic, painter, graphic artist.

In 1993 she finished Kyiv High School № 57, Music and Arts School № 2 (majoring in piano), in 2000 graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (attended courses of A. Zavarova, Y. Belichko, L. Milyaeva, V. Dzhulai, O. Maslenkova, O. Govdya), learned graphic and book illustration art from her father - people’s artist of Ukraine Leonid Andrievskiy. 

From 1998 she is an Art Director and from 1999 - a Chief Artist and Deputy Director of Publishing House «KRYNYTSIA». As an artist and art director, computer designer and computer layout specialist she actively participated in creation of design, layout sheets and publishing of such important for Ukraine editions as: "Книга про Матір" (2003), В. Стадниченкo "Іду за Сковородою" (2003) та "Лоно Дунаю" (2006); "Пісенний вінок. Укр. нар. пісні" (2005, 2007); "Мистецькі роди України... Василь Кричевський" (2004); "Шевченкова Криниця" (2003); "Не забудьте пом'янути... Шевченківська листівка як пам'ятка історії та культури, 1890-1940" (2004); Т. Майданович "Калиновий птах" (2006) etc. 

Ten year publishing work experience inspired Victoria Andrievska to create unique for Ukraine edition – album-folio «At the Turn of the Third Millenium: KYIV ARTISTS. From the Tree of Life of Ukrainian Fine Arts. Painting. Graphics. Sculpture» (2009).

Among her graphic and paintings there are such series as: "The State of Soul" (2003), "Cactuses" (2003), "Fishes" (2004), "Flowers" (2005), "Tripolye" (2006), "Traveling" (2007-2010). Victoria’s graphic and paintings have been presented and exposed at numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, Italy, Spain and are hold in private art collections.