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      For me it has always been very intimate affair to dip into the world of artist, into the world of his/her paintings. It happens because it is impossible to foreseen in advance reaction of mind to seen paintings or sculptures. I do not know if my mentality comes to conflict with a world-view of an artist or not? Will it accept or deny it? Will it dip into or reject? Will my brain get feeding and body and spirit an impulse for them? If there will arise any connection between us? Namely for these reasons exhibition reviews are very subjective. Objectively you can tell about technique, organization but not about dissonance of the two worlds. I perceive paintings the same as photography from details and close up to general, when all the parts are compounded into mosaic.

      And the first engaging thing for me in paintings of Victoria Andrievska is a world of colour, pure and rich. It excites so strong that first circle around the hall I walked, perceiving exclusively it. Was it exclusively? It is a tricky question. Because the colour can tell much about the artists: about her permanent, cyclic and longer period of mood condition. Colour communication of Andrievska opens the world of happy melancholy (surely, it can be), the world of woman in love. And now I say not about subject of love but about feeling of infatuation, as a mean of knowing things, people and phenomenon around us.
     The second evident thing is trinity, triptych. Triptych as a possibility to feel more and longer, deep wider  as a symbol of constancy of tastes and lasting emotional affection. Triptych does not allow the spectator to glance over the painting it makes him/her to take interest in mystery-puzzle and therefore to stop and to think. Here it is. Here is the very key arising dissonance. Take it or not but you will interact the world of the artist. And to my mind this is what arts mean - connection: artist-image-spectator. And this connection exists between two definite persons. Geometry is the next component of paintings. Circles, rhombs, squares and zigzags, they are everywhere. All that surrounding up consists of geometric figures. In paintings of Victoria geometry is a little bit exaggerated, but exactly to such extent that can arise interest but not to be repulsive for the spectator’s. Now we can feel the artist’s world stronger. It is sensitive, empathize, patient, diligent and original. When all parts of puzzle is gathered together you have nothing more but take delight in the entire painting.. And you can do it by yourself, having known painting art of Victoria Andrievska.

Katerina Gurina