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From 1998 Victoria Andrievska is an Art Director and from 1999 - a Chief Artist and Deputy Director of Publishing House «KRYNYTSIA».

As an artist and art director, computer designer and computer layout specialist she actively participated in creation of design, layout sheets and publishing of such important for Ukraine editions as: "Книга про Матір" (2003), В. Стадниченкo "Іду за Сковородою" (2003) та "Лоно Дунаю" (2006); "Пісенний вінок. Укр. нар. пісні" (2005, 2007); "Мистецькі роди України... Василь Кричевський" (2004); "Шевченкова Криниця" (2003); "Не забудьте пом'янути... Шевченківська листівка як пам'ятка історії та культури, 1890-1940" (2004); Т. Майданович "Калиновий птах" (2006) .. etc. 

Publishing House «KRYNYTSIA» publishes fiction, popular scientific and religious literature, reference books (especially dictionaries), children’s literature, books on history, art theory, history of Ukraine etc. Works in book-trading.
The work style of staff is targeted at the development of best achievements of Ukrainian book-publishing, unique layout of manuscripts and combines contemporary issues with spiritual and national traditions.

Ten year publishing work experience inspired Victoria Andrievska to create unique for Ukraine edition – album-folio «At the Turn of the Third Millenium: KYIV ARTISTS. From the Tree of Life of Ukrainian Fine Arts. Painting. Graphics. Sculpture» (2009).

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The art edition «At the Turn of the Third Millennium: KYIV ARTISTS. From the Tree of Life of Ukrainian Fine Arts» represents 1,136 works of art (colour and black-and-white illustrations) executed in different genres — painting, graphics, and sculpture.
It offers, for the first time, not only a catalogue and biographical information on almost 350 artists but also a scholarly research on their creativity: after the album part, there are profiles of almost all of the represented artists — members of the National Artists' Union of Ukraine, as well as of alumni of different art institutions who are outside any creative unions and associations.
The book includes Yu. Belichko's fundamental investigation of artistic processes in Ukrainian fine arts, namely in Kyiv cultural sphere, at the turn of the 3rd millennium. The edition is intended for wide circles of connoisseurs of contemporary Ukrainian fine arts.